Provincia di L'Aquila

Ofena, 70 km away from the company’s headquarters, is located in a very mountainous area in the province of L’Aquila, at the feet of the Gran Sasso massif (almost 3,000 m asl). Despite the mountainous landscape, Ofena is nicknamed “Abruzzo oven”, due to the high temperatures that can be reached in summer, as the sea breeze is stopped by the Gran Sasso. The dramatic temperature range, the particular composition of the soil and the altitude emerge in the high-quality production of Merlot Terre Aquilane IGT Marina Cvetic, a jewel in the Masciarelli portfolio: wild and intense red fruits with a vibrant body.

Infografica Tenute nella provincia dell'Aquila


Variety / Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Pedoclimatic conditions

The vineyard is located at 550 meters, a few meters away from the ancient, now abandoned, village of San Silvestro and close to the National Park of Abruzzo. On a plain friable soil made of alluvial terraces and a high gravel content, the vineyard enjoys excellent exposure. Because of its orographic conformation, the area reaches very cold temperatures in winter and high temperatures in summer, only partially mitigated by the cool wind coming from the Gran Sasso. This is the only plot where we need to resort to emergency irrigation to reduce the vine water stress. The dramatic thermal excursion between night and day and a generally dry climate are determinant to the quality of the grapes.


500 meters

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